Things you can storm other than walls

Storm your student loans with mad energy. File Koby Michaels

The much-awaited annual Storm the Wall just wrapped up, and if you weren't hyped, then what are you even doing here? The first time I heard about Storm the Wall, I wondered: what is the verb ‘storm’ and what does it mean? It fills me with instant enthusiasm and motivation, so what other things can I storm?

Storm the Peter Wall Institute.

Get it? Get it?

The Engineering Cairn

Let’s be real, we’re all salty about the amount of attention (and funds) that the engineering students receive, and instead of vandalizing the Cairn, let’s just straight up storm it. Whatever that means.

The Wreck Beach Stairs

We all storm the Wreck Beach stairs in a sense anyway. Next time you’re heaving and trudging your stuff up to the top of Wreck, while wondering why your parents didn’t raise you as an athlete, motivate yourself by saying you’re ‘storming’ the stairs.

Student loans

They’re heavy, they hurt and they haunt. Storm your student loans with mad energy. You got this.

Office hours

This may sound crazy but your profs are actually pretty cool people – mostly – who don’t bite and are looking forward to debating human genealogy and global politics. So, don’t leave them hanging and go get those participation grades or an actual will to learn.

Storm your final exam schedule

Take charge, manage your time, and show those final exams who’s boss.

Storm everyone and everything in your path because you’re trying to get from Buchanan to the Forestry building in ten minutes

You love your prof but she needs to stop talking for those five extra minutes in every lecture.

Storm IKB during finals season

Find that perfect seat and do everything in your power to not lose it. Bring sixty pre-packaged meals if that’s what it takes.

Storm the Knoll

This Spring, storm the Knoll to find and fight for the perfect spot of sunny and grassy equilibrium to support your athletic pals who are actually storming the wall.

Storm your self-esteem to a high because it’s going to be summer and it’s a time to feel extra positive

You’re almost done with the year, hang in there.

‘Storm’ is what you make of it. Go out there and seize the world, pals.