What kind of person you are based on what you bought at the poster sale

Basically, the posters you buy say a lot about you as a person — whether you like it or not. File Bridget Chase

Waiting in line too long, spending too much money and being a little too overhyped, the poster sale in the Nest is a UBC rite of passage.

Posters are a great way to decorate your space and an even better way to let everyone who comes into your room know what your favourite band is without even having a conversation about music.

Basically, the posters you buy say a lot about you as a person — whether you like it or not.


The poster sale is 100 per cent film bro heaven. I couldn’t even count how many Pulp Fiction, Wolf of Wall Street, Joker and Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood posters there were. For $12.00 and a 45 minute wait in line, you can become a certified asshole.

And if you are one of those assholes, I have three questions for you.

1. Do you really think Tarantino is a god?

2. What are your thoughts on his foot fetish?

3. Can you please drop your film studies class? I’m on the waitlist and I really need another three credits this semester.

Welcome to the Party

We all know this poster. Some of us own it, some of us have seen it and some of us have bought it. If you’re the person who bought it, how does it feel to BUY a Communism poster? With money? Some communist you are!

If you got your hands on a sweet, sweet hammer and sickle poster, you probably love Instagram infographics, are obsessed with AOC and definitely bought your copy of The Communist Manifesto on Amazon.

I mean, when you have Prime, you might as well.

EW… sports

If you bought any of the sports posters, you love routine, wake up by 6:45 a.m. every morning and your drink of choice has got to be a lime White Claw.

Basically, you’re boring.

Try going outside the box next time, you might like it.

We Can Do It!

Did I buy a Rosie the Riveter poster?


But it was done in a post-modern, girlboss, English literature major, Fiona Apple, intersectional, iced coffee, Ramona Flowers, Jennifer’s Body, y2k, feminist way, so IT’S FINE.

If you did the same, you should watch Booksmart. I think you might relate a little bit too much to Molly. I mean, I do!

Also, we should become friends. We’re a bit insufferable but in a good way.

Rococo? I hardly know her!

The art section of the poster sale is interesting. From Monet to Dali to Van Gogh — you have options.

If you bought any of these posters, you’re probably an Art History major. You probably think that The Smiths are underground. You probably hand roll cigarettes and exclusively drink IPAs. You’re probably a fuckboy.

And you definitely bored your Tinder hookup to death while talking about dadaism.

Sorry, I don’t make the rules.