How to play I-Spy on the bus

Sitting on the bus and patiently waiting for your destination, all that’s left to do is people watch to pass the time. You might see a woman with an iced coffee pushing a mega-stroller up the hill on 4th Ave in Kits. You might see a man walking a dog with its own raincoat. You might even see a child with a smile on their face who hasn’t lost their love for learning yet (but probably not). Here’s a list of people to look for while on the bus to spice up your commute.

Someone who can’t find their compass card

I’ll admit, this one isn’t too hard to spot. Spend more than five minutes at the bus loop and you’re sure to see at least one student frantically patting their pockets and unzipping and zipping pockets in search of the cursed blue card.

Someone having a very loud phone conversation

We get it, you love your boyfriend very much, but please don’t talk about your latest idea to spice up your sex life on the bus, while I’m over here trying not to spill my chai latte on my lap.

Someone who fell asleep

I’m talking about the person who is honest-to-god snoring in the back corner with their face smushed up against the glass. Bonus points if they wake up after they’ve missed their stop and you get to watch them frantically try to figure out where they are.

Someone watching Netflix

This one is brought to you by the young lady that watched Naruto on the 44 a month ago. No shame, just wish you would have tilted the screen my way a bit more so I could watch too.

Someone running for the bus

Less common in the winter, what with all the slush that breeds in Vancouver this time of year, but still worth looking for. Bonus points if they actually make it in time before the bus leaves.

Someone doing homework

We see you frantically scribbling down notes and highlighting wobbly lines in your book. We see your eyes widening every time you look out the window to see how much time you’ve got left until the bus reaches UBC is a dead giveaway. We see you and we understand.