The Ponderosa Commons elevator is broken — again.

How many times can a nearly new elevator break down over the course of a few months? At least three, apparently. Following several weeks of downtime, a repair, a frightful incident for several occupants and yet another 'fix', the elevator in Ponderosa's Arbutus house is out of commission again.

The elevator went out of service on Saturday evening and so far the residents have received no official notice of the repair status from SHHS.

Ponderosa Commons Residence Association president Jake Mullan had this to say on the seemingly perpetual problems that have plagued his building: "This is just another day in Pond. Seems like our elevators will forever be a running joke. We at the PCRA hope it comes back online very soon. Until then, we'll continue our dialogue with housing about the constant maintenance issues and advocate for our residents the best we can."

There is a rumour going around (that may or may not have been started at the time of this post being published) that Ponderosa residents are considering bringing in third-party contractors to build a slide from the top of the building to the ground floor and a first-year-operated pulley system to lift residents to their floors, though this is -- thus far -- unconfirmed.