The Ubyssey's etiquette guide to posting your Tofino trip pictures

File Mackenzie Walker

Summer is coming to an end and no place better encapsulates the purest essence of summer than Tofino on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Sun, surf, constant reminders of tsunami evacuation zones – Tofino has it all. Because it takes over six hours to get there from Vancouver, one will want to brag about the accomplishment of spending time in the coastal garden of Eden. However, there are rules and practices that should not be forgotten when posting those beautiful Instagram pictures.

Control yourself

Limit your photos to one for each day you are there and one for 6 months later. The caption for the 6 months later post must be something similar to “Take me back 🌊.”

Ensure relatability

At least one of your photos must be at a place that is Tofino-related but you can find it elsewhere. Examples include Tacofino, Tofino Brewing Company, Tofino Towels. This way people will better relate to your Instagram pictures.

Dealing with credibility

Try and mention that you totally knew about Tofino before the iPhone commercial. It is important to establish your credibility. To achieve this, post a #TBT of a different picture of you in Tofino.

Pick the perfect subjects

You must take a selfie with Parka, the Parks Canada mascot, and a cute Parks Canada guide. It’s actually a national obligation. Look it up in the British North America Act. And, if you plan on taking a cute picture in a bathing suit, do not mention that you put on a full body wet suit to get in the water.

The drive back from the summer paradise of Tofino is just long enough that you might finally find a filter you like. Think back to all the fun you had on your trip, or at least, all the fun you made other people think you had. And remember, the Instagram stories feature is a free-for-all where there are no laws or etiquette.