PSA: Declare your vaccination status to avoid deregistration

As reported by The Ubyssey in December, the UBC Senate has approved a “more lenient” set of consequences for students who do not declare their vaccination status.

Students who have not declared their vaccination status by January 10 (or have not shown up for regular testing appointments if they are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated or chose to not declare their status) may be subject to an academic hold in which they cannot receive marks or apply for programs such as Go Global. Students will be notified by way of their personal UBC email or the SSC.

['auto'] Screenshot via UBC

After the academic hold period, noncompliant students will be deregistered from in-person classes — this will take place when there are no online options available and the non-compliant student has not procured academic concession. There is no set date for deregistration as of yet.

Deregistration means that a student will be removed from a course, and will be as though they never signed up for it at all. A student’s deregistration will also continue into subsequent terms until they comply.

To declare your vaccination status — whether or not you’re vaccinated — visit and log in with your CWL. If you are vaccinated, remember to upload your proof of vaccination documents!