Why the rain is actually really good and not bad like you think it is

Change your mindset from “rain is the absolute worst” to “rain is definitely a lot of fun!” File Julian Yu

For some, a rainy day is an excuse to wallow, watch movies and consume copious amounts of comfort food. But come November in the Pacific Northwest, everyday is a rainy day and as busy UBC students, this coping strategy is not sustainable. The only way to make it through the rest of term is to change your mindset from “rain is the absolute worst” to “rain is definitely a lot of fun!” Here are some ideas to get you started.


Whether shallow, deep, murky or clear — puddles add a splash of childhood fun to your dreary walks around campus. Jump in them, leap over them or walk slowly and methodically through them. Just do it.

Running outside

I don’t run (ever), but some people say that running is fun. Running in the rain is apparently even more fun. It keeps you cool and creates the illusion that you are a) very dedicated to your fitness and b) very hardcore. Give it a go!

You can never tell what time of day it is

When you can’t see the sun, days become a timeless cloudy haze. The result? An injection of ambiguity and anxiety in your otherwise grey and drizzly day. Who doesn’t love that?

Opportunities to express yourself through rainy couture

Torrential downpour opens up an exciting opportunity for more self expression through fall fashion. Think rain jackets, rain pants, umbrellas and layers. Lots of layers.

Guilt free time in doors

Without the sun, there's no need to strategically maximize your time outdoors. Now you can dedicate a sustained amount of time in doors to your studies — or Netflix — guilt-free.

Increased probability of awkward physical altercations with your peers

Navigating the crowded UBC campus on any day takes a certain amount of skill and agility. In the rain, everyone's visibility is compromised. Think of the meet-cutes! The near death experiences! The spike in the number of times you say “Sorry!” in a day! Doesn’t this sound like fun to you?

Complaining about the rain

What’s the most fun thing about the rain, you ask? You get to complain about it all the time. The rain offers ample material for small talk, quenching every UBC student’s thirst to complain to family, friends and strangers about the multitude of ways rain is destroying their morale, depleting their spirits and cancelling their plans!