See how UBC and its students have changed throughout the years

Library Concourse, late 1920s Flickr

UBC is 102 years old and a lot of change has come to buildings, students and style.

UBC Archives published an album on Flickr a little while back, showcasing how campus has changed overtime. Most snaps are recognizable, specifically the ones featuring Irving K. Barber Library, but in others you can really see the developments that UBC has made in the past century. Check out some of my personal favourites below, including a former Ubyssey editor.

Senior "A" Basketball Team
Students examining soil organisms in Soil laboratory ca. 1933
Freshmen in green dunce caps September 1938
John "Chick" Turner, Associate Sports Editor

And nearly 40 years later, he went on to become the Prime Minister of Canada.

Group of Arts '21 students ca. 1920

Side note: does anyone actually look this cool while eating lunch?

View of Memorial Gym fund drive January 1946
Congregation procession leaving the Library 1927

The rest of the photo archive can be found here.