People are slacklining across the Nest

In case you need something to make your palms sweaty today, Slackline UBC just put up a 12 metre-high slackline in the Nest to raise awareness for their club. For those who inherently like to live dangerously though, don’t get excited just yet. The only ones allowed up there are those with previous experience at that height — unless you want to become a one-day-only special at Liquid Nutrition. In fact, the original idea was supposed to be way higher than it is now.

“[Two years ago], we tried to set one up between the Walter Gage towers. It didn’t happen and we let the idea sit for a while,” said Adam Mertens, co-founder of Slackline UBC, who also mentioned that the line set up now is nowhere near other heights club members have done. “On the Chief [at Squamish], it’s about 200 metres high.” 

That's not to say that all this is for bragging rights. There are also slacklines set up much closer to the ground on the bottom floor of the Nest and they invite less experienced people to try out. “The highline is designed as a demonstration. It’s to show people what’s possible,” said Krista Cawley, president of the club. “It’s a difficult sport, but I love it.”

Whether you just want to spectate and sweat bullets or aspire to be the subject of 2020’s Academy Award-nominated film, The Walk II: Electric Boogaloo, then come around the Nest today before 3 p.m.