The UBC Twitter community is getting destroyed by every other university in Canada

The only category that that UBC is even mentioned in is the “most mentioned on Twitter in 2018.” File Natalie Morris

For all you Canadian university stans who can’t get enough data, Twitter has put out an article comparing the Twitter activity of every university in Canada, and UBC is getting absolutely demolished by every other institution of higher learning in the country.

The analysis mainly looks at the activity from the last year of Twitter activity around and about Canadian universities. There are three major categories, all of which UBC is losing in: “most mentioned during orientation week,” “most mentioned” and “most followed.” The most mentioned university during orientation is Queen’s University, an achievement potentially garnered from the gimmick-y name “Frosh Week” and the fact that there’s nothing else in Kingston to tweet about.

For the most followed university in Canada, McGill tops the list as the only university with more than 100,000 followers, which is an interesting fact when you consider that UBC had roughly 15,000 more students enrolled in Fall 2017 than McGill.

The only category that that UBC is even mentioned in is the “most mentioned on Twitter in 2018,” but even then, we’re beat by the Ontario’s juggernauts York University (#2) and University of Toronto (#1).

Unfortunately, the UBC community is just not as plugged into the bird website as other campus communities across Canada. We’d like to think that it’s because we have beautiful nature to look at instead of wasting time on the endless scroll, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re losing at something.

While we might not being doing well on Twitter engagement, a quick look through Instagram indicated that Main Mall is probably most Instagrammed place on any campus ever in the world.