Spot the Kindness Crew today in the Nest

photo Sam Barringer / The Ubyssey

Now that December has begun, the holiday cheer is in full effect.

The Interfaith Collaboration for Kindness Foundation (IC-Kindness) is hosting a “Spot the Kindness Crew” today in the Nest from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. The intention of this event is to bring joy to your last day of classes by receiving a small care package for free.

IC-Kindness is a non-profit, youth-based organization that attempts to strengthen society through acts of kindness. Their mission is “to unite individuals of diverse backgrounds towards acts of kindness.” The Spot the Kindness Crew initiative will be supporting all UBC students in times of stress before exams.

Their care packages include:

  • A kind note from a stranger
  • A Red Bull and David’s Tea Package
  • A Granola Bar/Candy/Hot Box Yoga Coupon
  • Some coupons for treats

A big thank-you to IC-Kindness for providing a special treat for our 18 days of stress.