Budding sustainability: Sprouts reopens for the year

Sprouts is BACK, baby! The student-run cafe and grocery store, located in room 0001C in the basement of the Life Building, has reopened for the year!

Sprouts is a classic UBC institution born in 2004 out of the Natural Food Co-op, and is run entirely by student volunteers. Sprouts also runs educational and outreach programs such as Community Eats and Sprouts Workshops.

Sprouts describes itself as striving to “make local, organic, and fair-trade foods accessible to the UBC community” and to “promote and increase awareness of the UBC Farm, and other local food producers practicing sustainable farming techniques.”

Along with its cafe and grocery store, Sprouts runs Sprouts Box, a non-profit subscription produce service aiming to “make healthy and sustainably produced food affordable/accessible to the UBC community.”

The cafe does not offer take-away containers, and encourages those eating or drinking at their location to use the cutlery and dishes provided, or to bring their own.

Sprouts is a volunteer operation in which any UBC student can participate — they have closed applications, but may have space depending on availability. To apply, email volunteer@ubcsprouts.ca.

The organization is doing the most to create an environmentally-conscious option for subsistence on campus, so if you’re looking for a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing spot to grab your next cuppa joe, Sprouts should be on your list!