Located at the corner of Marine and Agronomy, the Totem Forest is a tranquil sanctuary tucked away from the commotion of campus life. Wandering among the fragrant cedar trees is a great way to de-stress — but nature-lovers may notice a sanctuary dedicated to a different kind of relaxation.

Nestled in between the trees is what can only be described as a stoner hut. The camp features lawn chairs, logs and tree stumps for seating, plus a tarp ceiling to provide shelter from the elements.

Madeleine Link

Predictably, the area is surrounded with litter, ranging from empty water bottles to what looks like underwear. One of a few signs around the forest reads, “ENJOY THIS FOREST / Please Take Your Garbage With You!” Perhaps a sign would be a helpful addition to the hut for forgetful stoners.

However, its users are thinking of the trees. After all, they’ve attached a fire extinguisher to a one of them. Safety first! It’s unclear how long this secluded den will survive before campus security intervenes, but for now it remains a unique part of the appropriately nicknamed “Magic Forest.”