What to do when all your friends are busy studying and don't want to talk to you

Bust out that old Sims 2 disc you have laying around somewhere and just make new friends. File Jack Hauen

For some, midterms end after a week. For others they come in waves. For those people who are done midterms, they might be wondering what to do when their friends are all busy studying. Here are a few ideas of how to cope with being friendless for a few weeks:

Start studying for finals

It’s never too early to start, right? Start reviewing material from the beginning of the semester so you’re completely prepared once finals hit. Maybe you can see your friends by sitting at a table together silently while you all read over your notes. Maybe they will stop ignoring you for a minute to talk about how much they hate their major.

Pick up a new hobby

If you feel like you have some free time, working on a skill or hobby can make the time fly. Take up knitting, coding or something else you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe you’ll make new friends this way—ones that aren’t so busy studying they can’t text you back.

Learn something new

Have you ever associated a colour with a number? Look up why. Figure out that maybe you have synaesthesia. Look up what synaesthesia is. Go down a Wikipedia hole of famous synaesthetes. Now you’re an expert on it. How fun is that? A lot more fun than trying to make plans with people for hours to no avail because everyone is crying all over their textbooks.

Make new friends in a simulation game

Bust out that old Sims 2 disc you have laying around somewhere and just make new friends. Friends that don’t go to school. Friends that don’t ignore your text messages. Friends that hang out with you all the time because they care about you. Sims friends don’t give up on you because of midterms — Sims friends are forever.