Try these activities to spice up your long, boring, jobless and courseless summer days

We dare you to take on this list of random things to do on campus so you can kill your boredom. File Zubair Hirji

Have you become just another cog in the machine that fills our lives with monotony and structure? Has university life made you immensely dependent on schedules, deadlines and timetables to preserve your sanity? Or are you just running out of things to keep yourself busy this summer and need a hit-list of things to do so you don’t collapse and crumble under the weight of your boredom? You’re in the right place because we made a list of random things you could try if internships and summer jobs did not work out for you during these holidays.

Transit it up

Get on a bus and keep switching buses and trains until you’ve reached a completely unknown place and explore. Don't leave any bags unattended though.

Study math

Count the number of steps it would take for an average-heighted person to walk from the university flagpole to the totem poles near the Forestry Building and back. Make sure you conduct enough trials for the experiment to be credible.

Study math and name things

Count the Koi at Nitobe Garden and name them all after your favourite uncles and great aunts.

Study geography

Walk around campus making a mental map of every single building so come fall you can transform yourself into a human version of Google maps. Maybe even make some kind of career out of it lest your degree comes to no avail. Trust me, it’ll look great on a resume.

Go wildlife spotting

Find raccoons at night who look like they want to give you side-quests you can complete to unlock UBC secrets. It is also possible that they just want food since they just are, after all, trash pandas. Seriously though, don’t get rabies or something.

Just lay there

Lie somewhere in the grass under the sun contemplating your future until crows come to caw at you to remind you of your distant family members who pester you to tell them about your success plans and how and when you’re going to continue the family line.

So, there you go! Instead of doing anything productive with your time this summer like developing your hobbies or finishing summer courses, we dare you to take on this list of random things to do on campus so you can kill your boredom, in case university killing your dreams was not enough killing business.