Find some help in your community during the COVID-19 pandemic with the UBC Campus Support Network

Despite the stress and fear that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic, support, solidarity and community have also blossomed on the UBC campus.

The UBC Campus Support Network is a public Facebook group and student-led initiative designed to ensure students and community members living on campus have access to the supplies they need.

By connecting those in need with volunteers, the network aims to coordinate a support response. Some of the services offered by the network include delivery services, mutual aid offers, information sharing, peer emotional support and social support in solidarity with social distancing like Zoom/Discord chats and online games.

How does it all work? Community members make posts in the Facebook group with support offers or requests as well as information about drop-off instructions. Individuals can also fill out a public Google doc form that describes their outstanding needs or offers. Then, the network creators coordinate a response or community members themselves reach out.

If you require support or are interested in volunteering, access the network here or via email at

Stay safe!