Last day to take Winter Wonderland photos in the Nest

photo Timothy Hoggan / The Ubyssey

Another day in November, another reason to spread holiday cheer.

AMS Spotlight has set up a Winter Wonderland photo booth this week to relieve your exam stress, provide a break from term-paper writing and make your will to go home for the holidays that much more intense. 

If you haven't gotten to it already, the booth that's been set up will be filled with decorations and props until 3 p.m. For members, the event is free and for non-members, a photo will cost you $2. They will be selling membership cards for $5 if you are interested in joining their club. Check out their Facebook page here

So for all of you in need of a new profile picture or Instagram, head on over to the Nest and get in your holiday spirit — very prematurely.