The 10 types of candidates who'll definitely run in the AMS elections

Joshua Medicoff

Every year, the AMS elections attract a brand new bunch of fresh-faced students, all vying for leadership of UBC's student union. And every year, you can always count on these 10 candidates to make an appearance.

The Established Hack

They've been around the block a few times. Their resume is so polished that it will blind you. This year is just business as usual, but probably one rung up. Bonus points if they've served on a constituency or been an assistant to a VP.

The Outsider

The exact opposite of the established hack. Tends to rant and rave about entrenched politicians and draining the swamp. Unless they do their research, debates can quickly go south.

The Single Issue Candidate

Also known as 80 per cent of Senate candidates. Impossible drinking game: Count how many times you hear the phrases “fall reading break” and “mental health” during their debates. (Important issues to be sure, but try getting them to talk about anything else.)

The Loudmouth

Debate strategy: Yell.

The Buzzword Candidate

“Engagement.” “Student voices.” “Beer.” You know the words, and this candidate knows how to say them. Whether or not they know how to actually accomplish anything, however, is always a fun debate.

The “Direct Engagement” Strategist

Usually seen sprinting around campus with a bag of candy and making uncomfortable small talk with random students who want nothing more than to escape.

The Greek

All about that frat/srat vote. If they're running for Senate, you can guarantee their brothers and sisters will make it a slam dunk.

The Cringeworthy Joke Candidate

Also known as almost every joke candidate.

The Good Joke Candidate

The rare unicorn. The sparkling ray of sunshine. The perfect foil for student politicians — and student journalists — all of whom take themselves too seriously.

The “Joke Candidate” That Actually Kind Of Wants It

“Haha, wouldn't it be crazy if I got voted in? Like I did spend three years in the AUS so I could totally run the place, but I definitely don't actually want to. Haha, my resume's fine.”