Reviewing the best and worst UBC offices

"unknown couch stains..." File Patrick Gillin

I ranked some UBC offices before the entire campus was locked down so you can go check them out when campus opens up if you, like me, do not have a life. If you’re lucky you might even figure out your future career path, based on which kind of office you vibe with the most.

UBC Music

If you’ve happened to visit the old auditorium offices, then you’ll know what a truly charming and creative office space looks like. The stacks of CDs and the communal atmosphere with the occasional practice session are lovely. Oh, and having a small dog waddling around in the office is legitimately the best way you can spruce up a work-place.

12/10 only for the dog.

Buchanan Tower offices

Your complaints have been heard about one of the most haunted buildings on campus, but I dare you to wander up to the eighth floor or above. Hit up one of your profs for a chat because the views are incredible, especially if you’re facing the ocean.

9/10 for the prof who let me waste his time twice in the term and roasted me for not having a life.

The Ubyssey’s office

Maximum points for friendship and a small deduction for awkwardness, unknown couch stains and all the time I’ve wasted there.

7/10 because they’re paying me to write this.

The ANSO offices

These are the most peculiar. There is a duality to the Anthropology and Sociology (ANSO) offices, tucked in the North end of campus, so every time you walk in here it feels like an adventure. ANSO offices are either cold, clammy and suck the life out of you or they’re cozy, warm and inspiring because some of the coolest profs are sitting in them.

6/10, +1 point for my favourite prof whose office looks more like a library stacked from wall-to-wall with the wonders of sociological thought.

The Residence Counsellor office

I’ve only been to one of these but it looks kind of sad, I’m not going to lie. It feels small, crammed and is in the middle of a first-year residence’s commonsblock so it doesn’t help when you’re trying to see someone to help process your emotional trauma of how your aunt’s cat scratched your face and left you for a better life with a dog and a hamster.

4/10 because neither my physical nor my metaphorical scars have healed.

Santa Ono’s office

I’ve never actually been to this or seen it but I bet it’s fancy as heck and I hate it.

3/10 because I’m not climbing up to the seventh floor of Koerner Library. This is a math joke.

Residence Food Services office

I don’t even know why they exist and why they exist in the middle of/inside first-year dining halls. What are you doing.

1/10 because I’m still salty about res food.