Halloween costumes at the UBC Bookstore are overpriced and dreadful

It may seem convenient since the Bookstore is on campus, but just. don’t. do. it.

We all know that textbooks and apparels are overpriced, always taunting your bank account every time you go in. Now they’ve added a new range of Halloween costumes for this month.

Halloween is fast approaching and we’ve all been busy with midterms. But that doesn’t mean you should go for the overpriced, degrading Halloween costumes from the bookstore. Don’t be that guy. Seriously, your bed sheet ghost would be 10 times better and cheaper — unless you want to spend $58.95 to party as a rubber bacon. Go for it. Everyone loves bacon, right?

There's a wall full of Marvel, DC, Warcraft, Harry Potter and Star Wars characters. A lot of the superhero costumes look like onesies — especially Captain America and Iron Man. A couple of them, however, are decently designed like Rey and Deadpool ($64.45 though!), and exclude weapons that are sold separately, which are essential if you're going to be Deadpool. 

What was nice to see was the minimal selection of raunchiness that sexualize women during Halloween. Yes, they still have some like the anime school uniform, but it wasn’t as cringe worthy as walking through an actual costume store.

However, there are a lot that are just disturbing like an unsettling Gru ($54.95) and his minions, or ridiculous costumes like an orange, construction pylon. It costs a lot of monies, but looks and feels shoddy. Most of the fabric used is thin and the slightest tension could probably tear the material right off the seam.

Truthfully, you’d probably find better quality stuff at the dollar store and no one would know. Be creative and do some last minute DIY! It’s not too late to rummage through your closet or go thrift shopping.

Unless you’re really desperate for a last-minute costume, the Bookstore should be your very last resort. And by last, I mean “all of the stores selling costumes have burned down” last.