The starving student: Best food bloggers to follow

Do you ever find yourself looking for new recipes online, scrolling mindlessly through Martha Stewart’s website just to eat the same old thing you do every other night? Look no further than some of the best food bloggers to follow that publish their recipes online for free. With a variety of cheap, easy, healthy or intricate recipes, these bloggers have it all.  

Minimalist Baker

This blogger posts recipes every three days, and they all require 10 or fewer ingredients, one pot and one bowl — the minimalist cook is born. Most of the recipes have alternative ingredients that are gluten or vegan friendly, so it appeals to the masses. Perfect for the struggling, starving student! 

Dennis the Prescott

Dennis the Prescott is not only a fantastic cook, but also one of the best food photographers on social media. These recipes are more likely to appeal to the intricate cooks who like spending time in the kitchen, but following his Instagram is basically like eating his creations if you don’t want to slave over the stove. 

Julie's Kitchen

For all my baker friends, this is the blog to follow. Mixed in along with the baked goods are some original cocktails and honestly, what’s better than baked goods and booze? Nothing, that’s what. 

Spoon Fork Bacon

From cakes and salad, to sandwiches and curry, Spoon Fork Bacon has dozens of recipes that are great basic meals and treats to master. Just looking at the Instagram feed can make my stomach grumble and coax me into the kitchen to try something new.        


Last but not least, Gastrofork is a Vancouver-based blogger who publishes recipes and restaurant reviews around the city. Currently, the blog is expanding beyond food and taking on a lifestyle approach rather than exclusively food.