The starving student: Save yourself time with the magic of meal prepping

If you find yourself overwhelmed with actually eating a proper meal while also balancing homework, sleep and a social life, meal prepping is a great way to save time and make sure you’re not eating Kraft dinner three times a week.

Meal prepping does require some time and planning, so I would recommend carving out a few hours on Sunday to plan, shop and cook.


First thing's first, you are about to become a Tupperware hoarder. They are the best way to store all of your meals for the week ahead. Planning requires five days of meals and deciding which days you would like to eat what. It is vital to keep in mind that you will likely be making all of your food on Sunday, so don’t plan to eat something that will go bad by the time Friday rolls around.


Meal prepping will require a long list of ingredients on your grocery list, but it will be really helpful in the long run. No more random items you need that you inevitably forget every single time you go to the store. If you are one of those people that stay on campus late into the night studying, I would recommend investing in a lunch box to keep your food fresh.


This is going to be the long haul of meal prep. The idea is to cook everything for the week at once so that cooking is over with quickly and there will be no wasted time spent rummaging through your cupboards for something edible on weeknights. However, this may take a few hours depending on how intricate your meals are, so be sure to plan your time wisely.

Meal prepping takes dedication. I’ve tried and failed many times, so don’t be discouraged if your fridge isn’t stacked with perfect Tupperware containers filled with enough food to last the week. However, I would recommend trying again and finding a way that works for you because it is an easy way to save time when you’re ending the semester and drowning in term papers and exams. Eat well and study hard! The end is finally in sight.