The Ubyssey awkwardly interviewed Tommy Wiseau of The Room in 2011 and nobody knew about it

photo via Youtube / The Ubyssey

Back in the days of 2011, when The Ubyssey made Weekly Shows that nobody watched, one video with a tragic 631 views stands apart from the rest.

Although our video section is pretty lit as of late, an interview between Ubysseyer Andrew Bates and Tommy Wiseau — the creative genius behind everyone's favourite it's-so-bad-it's-good movie, The Room — fell through the cracks and into internet obscurity... until now.

So how did The Ubyssey manage to meet up with Tommy Wiseau, creator of the “Citizen Kane of bad movies,” you might ask? We have no freaking clue. But it looks like the interview went down in a hotel room of some kind.

What makes this interview special is our dear Ubyssey interviewer trying to keep his cool as he asks Wiseau about The Room's cult status, which Wiseau immediately rejects. The awkwardness continues as the interviewer slowly realizes that Wiseau takes his film very seriously and doesn't believe that he's made a bad movie.

Zoom to 3:37 for the interview.

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The first shot of Wiseau opens with him refusing to answer the interviewer's first question that is unheard in the video itself. One can only speculate as to what it was, but our money is on it being, “So why the hell are you letting us interview you?”

Being short but sweet, other highlights of the interview include Wiseau saying stuff like, “The words are secondary and the chemistry of emotion is most important ... and I'm just thinking out loud, but people associate it to real life.”

The video editor appears to have had a bit of fun by low-key inserting hilarious video clips from The Room after Wiseau says something serious and profound about the artistry of his film. Now that juxtaposition is art — well done, 2011 Ubyssey team.