There's a contest to name the new bubble tea shop in the Nest!

Photo via Liwe Photography

In case you haven’t heard yet, some-tea-ng new is bubbling in the basement of the Nest. Hopefully that spectacular pun was a good indication that a bubble tea shop is set to replace Lowercase this summer — and the AMS is running a contest to name it. 

The winner gets a drink named after them, so this is your chance to make UBC history. To enter your brilliant name idea, simply leave a facebook comment or tweet @AMS_UBC with the hashtag #NameMyBBT. I’m pretty excited to see what the winning submission will be. In the meantime, here are some suggestions to get everyone started — all laden with tea puns of course: 

  • Take One For The Tea’m 
  • Qualitea 
  • Healthtea — this is an inaccurate one. 
  • The Perch
  • Tea-bird
  • Thunderbubbles (credit Michael Choi)
  • Diamond Fever — to assert dominance over its competitor over in the UBC Village.
  • Basically any word that could ends with "tea": Hottea, anyone?
  • The Arvind Gupta Bubble Tea Shop for Transparency and Stable Employment (credit Josh Azizi)
  • Not really a name, but a great idea for a mascot — Hambubbler.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Bubble McTeaface (credit Bailey Ramsay)