Forget Area 51: Storm the UBC bookstore because they can't stop us all

Will you storm the UBC bookstore? File Koby Michaels

September is coming up, the full school year is right around the corner and so is anarchy, apparently.

Facebook users Francis Godinho and Mitchell Wong are hosting the event of the year. Reassess your battle plans and holster your iClickers, UBC, because on September 5 at 10 a.m. , we are collectively storming the UBC Bookstore, because, “they can’t stop us all.”

That’s right, fed up with the overpriced bindings of tree pulp that we are required to purchase every term, or as the intellectuals call them, textbooks, some UBC folk have decided to take back what is “owed”: free knowledge.

There is certainly some anger fuelling this event, as evidenced by a Facebook user’s post in the event discussion, which says, “Old-hat, bald-pated writers and academics who still expect anyone from Generation Z to pay for their past years of study are a load of greedy, hoarding, societist dinosaurs.”

With an inclusive attack layout map labelling entry points for forestry, engineering, Sauder, science, arts and “Everyone else” and with Reddit users such as memeticassassin weighing in with alternate and better execution ideas, it remains to be seen whether this event is an actual call to action or another one of the endless ‘memeing’ attempts by UBC students.

The Facebook event has garnered the interest of 1.3k users, with 461 users (so far), allegedly ‘going.’

Will you storm the UBC bookstore? While you decide, we’re going to go look up the meaning of the word ‘societist’ in an overpriced binding of tree pulp.