The Tinder bios of notable UBC landmarks

Birb. File Ella Chan

Need a date this Valentine’s Day?

A rundown of UBC’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes

Ladner Clock Tower, 51

121 ft if it matters.

Totem Park Residence, 52

420 🍁

Will take you out to expensive dinners that YOU will pay for.

Engineering Cairn, 54

UBC engineering.

Try your best to ruin my life because engineering already did.

Insta: @theubce

The Nest, 20


IKB, 95

3 a.m. cuddles.

Will deliver McD to your doorstep.

Down for quarter life crisis breakdown.

Notice me for UBC crushes.

Koerner’s Library, 23

Here for fun.

Life Building, 52

“Best ex ever. 10/10 would recommend.” - The student body

Martha Piper Fountain, 7


Buchanan, 60

📍14 kilometres away

Buchanan Tower, 48

Makes the best waffles.

SRC, 25

Sc: heretogiveyouptsd

Walter Gage Towers, 48

Love 7 a.m. mornings; will be your personal alarm clock.

Main Mall, 105

You’re only swiping right for my dogs, right?

Insta: @dogspots.ubc.