Tweet your building complaints to @UBCFixMySpace

Harsev Oshan

With free-falling elevators in Ponderosa, sinks lacking their sole purpose in the Nest and constant electronic issues in the classroom, it's not surprising that UBC Building Operations receives many complaints from students and faculty every day. 

Of course, UBC is a huge campus, so we can’t expect minor things such as a classroom being too hot or cold to be fixed in the blink of an eye. However, when one of four sinks in the women’s first-floor Nest washroom works, the line to wash your hands is longer than waiting for a stall. 

UBC Building Operations has recently taken to Twitter to make it more accessible to students and faculty to contact them instead of waiting on the phone and explaining the issue in detail. @UBCFixMySpace launched on February 24, and seems to be attracting quite a bit of attention with complaints ranging from plumbing problems to shoveling the walkways clear of (thankfully gone) snow. 

This Twitter page was created to bring minor issues to the attention of UBC Building Operations, so if you find yourself in a blackout or a flood on campus, please be sure to contact them directly at 604-822-2173. 

No more passive aggressive posters complaining about buildings! Just passive aggressive tweets.