Twenty-four hours of #UBC on Twitter

When you see the acronym "UBC", one thing probably comes to mind -- the University of British Columbia. But as we've reported before, there's a whole world of UBCs out there -- most of which have nothing to do with our school.

Though most of us can go our whole university careers without hearing about the Union (or United) Baptist Church, United Brotherhood of Carpenters or the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, those of us who do a twitter search for "UBC" several times a day see quite a bit of discussion. It's more than enough to leave an eager applicant or two confused about why UBC is tweeting photos of skulls and crossbones (or cross-hammers).

Sunday, January 4, was one of the busiest days we've seen in #UBC. From the Union Baptist Church's first Sunday service of the year to heated debate on universal background checks for firearms, here's a sampling of what's going on with UBC around the world.

The last one actually is about the University of British Columbia. It just seems like it would be relevant to a number of applicants right now.