Some UBC themed Halloween cocktails to celebrate and forget with

Drown out any worries you may have about midterms this weekend while getting into school spirit. More so, scare yourself with the hangover the next day and make some of these fun but high-percentage cocktails.

The Buchanan Tower

Get a tall and narrow glass preferably for this one. Add some ice to make it a bit rocky (like your grades for this semester) and pour baileys into the glass. This super simply but also un-aesthetically pleasing cocktail will remind you of the notoriously grey Buchanan Tower. If you want a true student twist, add some coffee to once again, bring up your caffeine levels for the day.

1 part Baileys Irish Cream

1 part Ice

Optional: 0.5 Part Coffee

The UBC Shooter

Embrace school spirit with this blue and yellow shooter that will most definitely ease your ‘place of mind’. Simply make a Blue Kamikaze but add a slice of lemon on top for a pop of the UBC colours.

1 part vodka

1 part blue curacao

1 part lime or lemon juice

1 slice of lemon

The Engineering E

Simply add one large ice cup to any booze of your choice.

1.5 parts Ice

2 parts Alcohol

Main Mall Rush

Recreate the stress and tension by rapidly moving through a line of tequila shots. Everyone secretly loves tequila and there’s a reason why. This drink set-up is guaranteed take the edge off and start your Friday night festivities. Just as how you run to class, simply shoot back all 3 shots with rapid pace. Set yourself up mentally for this one by picturing main mall mid-day.

1-part tequila (x3)

First-Year Experience Classified

Instead of pretending to enjoy the mildly-warm beer that was served to you in a solo cup at your first frat experience, amp it up and become a bit classier. You have grown past this stage, and so has your cocktail. Simply create a Rye and Ginger, or a ‘cry-and-ginger’ for those days when stress hits at full force during this midterm season. This drink has the same look as beer, but with a much stronger punch.

1 part Canadian Rye Whiskey

1 part Ginger Ale

1 part Ice

Spooky UBC Fog Jager Bomb

Everyone loves a good Jager bomb – regardless if they admit it or not. Amp this up simply by using dry ice to mimic the dreary weather of campus. This time of year, dry ice is available at any grocery store near your favorite liquor store. By putting this in with the Red-Bull, your drink is instantly a bit spookier and more fun to shoot back.

0.5 part Dry Ice

1 part Red Bull

1 part Jagger

Witches Brew

This can be taken two ways. Either, this is the result of a good game of king’s cup between you and your friends, or can be followed by this recipe to create purple drink sure to taste delicious and be a great addition to your costume. Don’t let the combination hesitate you, it tastes like delicious.

1 part Blackberry Cider

1 part Malibu

1 part Ice