I think UBC could use some more stores, so here are a few modest suggestions

UBC is obviously a huge place with so many different places to go, from parks and coffee shops to restaurants and banks. But there are a lot of things that UBC is missing, so I would like to suggest a few ideas that might elevate the campus from a 6/10 to a 7/10.

1. A Blundstone store

Everyone loves Blundstones so much that I think it would be valuable to the community to have a place to buy them on campus, and it would be mutually beneficial to Blundstones as a company because they would make so much money off us. Everyone with $300 to spare on boots will just be throwing their money at the place. It’s just common sense!

2. A tote bag store

Yeah, okay, they sell tote bags at the bookstore and shit. I don’t care, I think UBC needs a store for just tote bags. Everyone has them! And everyone has days where they forget theirs at home when they need it most! They could be artisanal or something to justify having a tote bag store.

3. Reusable coffee cup store

When classes were in person, I would forget my reusable coffee cup most days and my friends would all mock me for killing the earth with my personal mistakes. I think that instead of going from coffee shop to coffee shop looking for a cheap plastic reusable coffee cup when you have the urgent need to signal you care about the environment, you should be able to go to a single store to find the one that fits your needs.

4. Apple Store

So many times I’ve had friends complain that they have to go all the way downtown or to Oakridge mall to get their laptop checked out by some ‘genius’ who has the only screwdriver in the world that can open their laptop. What if you could go through all that hassle without leaving campus? Just hear me out here. Apple could monopolize on students more than they already do and we get the benefit of not leaving campus. Just something to think about!

5. Vape store

Having to find a convenience store that sells cigarettes and vape cartridges sounds like a hassle. I think a vape store could make tons of dough on campus considering the amount of people who vape. I don’t personally vape, I just think the tobacco industry could be exploiting young people more.