UBC philosophy prof receives a package of actual feces

We've all been frustrated with our profs at one point or another after getting a bad grade. However, someone has taken it to the next level and sent four philosophers, including UBC philosophy professor Carrie Jenkins, a manilla envelope full of actual shit.

In July, the package arrived at her office. Among the “HANDLE WITH CARE” sign and a multitude of stamps from the United States, a customs declaration form claimed that the contents of the package were four foam sculptures. This, of course, was a lie.

It's unsaid as to whether the poo is human, dog or other, but the collection process is still curiously intriguing,

[''] Photo courtesy Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

Rumour has it that the package was sent by a bitter professor at the University of Chicago, Brian Leiter, who has rebuffed all of the philosophers who received similar packages in the past. However, he claims that there is a cyber conspiracy afoot and that “he's being framed by another online group who he ‘mercilessly criticized’ for suggesting ‘law school is a scam.’”

Clearly he is the victim in this situation — who knew that the world of philosophy was so savage?

Famed philosopher Frederich Nietzsche would say that in the end, whatever is in the package will only satisfy you for a short time and then you will die anyways — sad and alone, with only the inevitable approach of death’s embrace to comfort you.