10 UBC-spotted puppers to follow on Instagram and make your heart whole again

By now, most of campus is probably aware of the beauty that is the dogspots.ubc account previously run by Jack Liu, now run by Caroline Hanna. It’s an iconic instagram account and a treasure of our time. If you want to dive deeper into your love of UBC canines, here are 10 floofers to enjoy.

Zeus the Aussie shepherd-border collie mix

From the looks of his page, Zeus loves nothing more than playing in the great outdoors, especially when there are leaves or tall tree stumps involved. When he’s not out wilding in the woods, Zeus likes sampling the peanut butter ice cream from Rain or Shine and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day right with some Irish whiskey.

Reggie the mini dachshund

He may be just nine months old, but this little pupper packs a punch. He’s tiny, he’s cute and he’s speedy, making for some adorable photos and some great little action shots too. The little man looks to be a Kitsilano resident and recently made a stop to the University Veterinary Clinic in Point Grey. Hope you are okay, little dude!

Sky the husky

An avid soccer fan, Sky also loves hanging out with his twin hooman brothers and getting baths. He’s not just all fun and games, though. He recently showed his charitable side by participating in the Paws for a Cause walk to raise awareness for the all the huskies in need of adoption in shelters.

Chloe the frenchie

Another pupperino for the books, Chloe frequents the Wesbrook village area and Pacific Spirit Park for tootles with her moms. Her captions are cute and quirky — and she might be one of the most photogenic little furballs on this list. She’s also a fan of naps, which we relate to.

Jasmin Khala the retriever-German shepherd mix

With some floopy ears and a pair of puppy-dog eyes that will melt your heart into a puddle, Jasmine is a newcomer to Vancouver, but she loves her new city. Among her special talents are resisting eating treats laid out right in front of her and moonlighting as bat dog. Not only is Jasmine a good pupper, she has a sticker to prove it.

Scout the journalism Whoodle

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I'm Scout(ing for squirrels) with my nose for news!

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True to her brand, Scout can be seen tootling around the School of Journalism on the northwest side of campus alongside her journalist hoomans. We really appreciate her voluptuous moustache and rumour has it, she puts it to good use helping to de-stress journalism students.

Cookie the monsta the yorkie-pom mix

Cookie may look like a snack, but he’s no monster — unless your biggest fear is adorably-curly tongues. You can find him striking fear into the hearts of UBC students in places like the Cairn, the Rose Garden and the fountain. He’s even friends with a cat!

Lilly the frenchie

Most of Lilly’s photos might be of comfy couch naps, but the frenchie isn’t afraid to take to the busy walkways of UBC from time to time with her hoomans. Just six days ago, her hoomans posted about being on campus enjoying the fall weather. She’s got big ears, a big personality and big dreams.

Murphy the wire-coat labradoodle

While his moustache may make him look like the elder statesman of UBC dog instagrams, he’s only a year and a half old. He wore the cone of shame at the beginning of August, but he was back to full speed in no time. Just last week, he and his friend Kuro celebrated Thanksgiving by playing in Pacific Spirit Park.

Brother’s Milo the corgi and Charlie the mini dachshund

It’s a brother pairing! Milo the Corgi and Charlie the Doxie graced this earth just three months ago, but are taking over the Insta game with their fun Vancouver frolics. They are so tiny and adorable it hurts us — we have never wanted to meet two puppers more.

As the dark days of winter draw closer, keep these pages in mind whenever you’re in need of a little brain candy to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.