UBC plans to develop a new residence building by 2019 that will feature relatively affordable (sub-$700) “micro-apartments” for students. A full-sized model replica was constructed next to CiTR in the Nest and we talked to some students who were checking it out.

How do you feel about the units?

Lindsay Zhou (left) and Tyas Kinanti (right)
Lindsay Zhou (left) and Tyas Kinanti (right)

I think this is a really good idea. You can kind of accommodate a lot of students in just one building and the price is really affordable. It might not be good to invite a lot of friends over.

-Lindsay Zhou, biochemistry

I think this would be great. The rent is cheaper compared to where I’m living in Marine Drive. I don’t really need that much space, so a little space is good enough for me. Probably for a lot of people, like my friends, they live in a studio and they think this place is small. I don’t know how they’re gonna live in a smaller place like this.

-Tyas Kinanti, biochemistry

A pro is that, as a society, we collect a lot of things and this will allow me to live very [minimally], so that’d be very nice. In terms of sustainability, it’s really efficient just to have a lot of people living in one building like this. A con is that, when you cook, the smell would get everywhere — into your sheets and into your clothes — and it could really get claustrophobic. I don’t see myself spending all my time in it.  

Would you live in one?

I think it’s a really cool concept and I would live in here, but the price is a bit expensive. But the idea of letting more students live on-campus and kind of being all in this self-contained space is really cool. I like contained spaces and everything in one room. 

-Niklas Agarwal, geography 

It looks like it’s not as much storage space as I like, but I think that encourages you to drop the fodder — only keep what you need. The high [ceilings] are really nice — it makes you feel not as cramped, so that’s a big plus. 

Would you live in one?

Yeah, it looks pretty nice for the price. I’m on-campus and I’m definitely paying a lot more right now so I’d live there. 

-Daniel Jonasson, biology 

[For this] price and the size? I’d rather commute from somewhere cheaper. It’s kinda cute, though. There’s not a lot of storage so I’d probably have to keep riding to my parents’ house. I have way too many clothes than what’s in [the apartment’s example] closet. 

-Kendra Reiter, sociology

It does have everything you relatively need, but I’d rather room with multiple people. It’s just going to have a more “stacked-on people” kind of thing. I mean, I just enjoy space. It doesn’t provide that much space and I need that to let loose.

Kelsey Moy, Forestry [declined headshot]