UBC’s most creative intramural sports team names

In addition to its varsity teams, UBC runs a bevy of successful intramural leagues. And unlike the Thunderbirds, teams competing in these leagues have unrestricted creativity when it comes to naming their teams. Without further ado, here are The Ubyssey’s top five UBC intramural team names, with per-league rankings below:

5: The Ultimate League’s Dodge Mahal

4: The Todd Ice Hockey League’s HATTRICK SWAYZE

3: The Cross Volleyball League’s Practice Safe Sets

2: The SRC Futsal League’s Torts Illustrated

And the ever sought-after award for The Ubyssey’s favourite intramural team name goes to:

The Bodin Ball Hockey League’s Peter North Stars

Author's note: the Peter North Stars have since been renamed by UBC Rec to the "*CENSORED* North Stars."

The rest of the best:

Nitobe Basketball League

1: Yao Know What I Ming?

2: Hoops! I did it again

3: Tunesquad

3 (tie): Monstars

Honourable mentions: BC Buds, Beta Blockers.

Handley Cup Soccer League

1: Goal Diggers

2: Bend it like RECkham.

Bodin Ball Hockey League

1: Peter North Stars.

2: Transpharmers

3: Tortorella and Friends.

Cross Volleyball League

1: Practice Safe Sets

2: Insulin Spikers

3: Net Results

Honourable mentions: Gold Diggers, Popped A Volley I’m Sweatin, Aceholes, Kinner Surprise, My Bumps, Double Dream Hands, Peter’s Manbridge.

Point Grey Flag Football League

1: No Punt Intended

2: Brady Bunch

Honourable mention to the league itself, which plays for the Point Grey Cup.

SRC Futsal League

1: Torts Illustrated

2: Unreal Madrid

3: Let’s Get Messi

Honourable mentions: Foot Fetishes, Sons of Pitches, I’m Too Old for This, The More Attractive Franco Brother.

The Ultimate League

1: At Least My Disc Stays Up

2: Slipped Discs

3: Pinky and the Brian

Honourable mentions: Huck and Hope, Hammerheads, Only Operating Monday-Friday, Stall Nine and Three Quarters.

Todd Ice Hockey League


2: Ugly Pucklings

3: Sharkitects.

UBC REC Dodgeball League

1: Dodge Mahal

2: Ball of Duty

3: Microballology.