The Ubyssey’s guide to libraries on campus

When you get bored the graffiti of distressed students on the desks will provide a feeling of solidarity in your pain. File Michael Ruffolo

If you find yourself unable to study at home because you can distract yourself with literally anything else, then the library is always there for its ambience of productivity. UBC is home to a plethora of them, but they’re not all built the same. We’ve compiled a breakdown of the libraries on campus so you can find one to best fit your studying needs.


The biggest and busiest library on campus is open 24 hours. IKB tends to get hectic during this time of year so it’s not ideal for silent studying, but with its flexible hours and food allowance it’s the best place to pull an all-nighter to pass that course you’re stressed about.


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The stacks aren’t just for making out. The quiet basement of Koerner’s is home to cubicle desks which are the best places to isolate yourself and frantically write a term paper or furiously skim-read the book you haven’t cracked open all semester. When you get bored the graffiti of distressed students on the desks will provide a feeling of solidarity in your pain.

Law Library

You don’t have to be an Allard student to take advantage of this upscale library. Plant yourself at a desk and pretend you’re preparing for a high-stakes case that you’re getting paid big bucks for instead of trying to teach yourself basic stats.


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With lots of bookable rooms and the space outside the library full of large tables, this library is especially good for group studying — if you and your friends can manage to get work done together, that is.

Asian Library

The sun likes to hide behind the Asian Library at times 🙈☀️☀️

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This library is perfect if you’re the kind of person that needs silence to study. Walking to its location on the quiet side of campus, surrounded by trees, is a nice way to destress and soothe your worries. There aren’t that many seats available though, so try to get there early.

Education Library

Inside the Scarfe building this library doesn’t see too much traffic, so there’s usually plenty of spots to study. The basement is a nice and quiet too!

X̱wi7x̱wa Library

Located on East Mall, X̱wi7x̱wa is UBC's indigenous community library. It's tucked away location means the loud note-taking of fellow students will not be a problem here!