Ubyssey offices from 1918-2015

This week, we moved from the basement of the old SUB to the second floor of the new one. Like the rest of the building, it’s new, shiny and decked out with features including motion-sensor-activated lights and keyless access. We thought we’d take this opportunity to show off the new Ubyssey office and reflect on the past ones.

“Fairview Huts” (1918-1925)[/ub_subhead

There’s not much info available in our archives about the office before the university moved to the Point Grey Campus. An issue from 1922 mentions a failed prank involving attaching a piece of string to an office door to turn off a light switch in another room which was described as an “embryonic sense of dramatic irony in thus connecting the portals of Wisdom with an act of folly.”

Auditorium Building (1925-1940)[/ub_subhead

The final issue from the Fairview office describing the new Ubyssey office sums up the new space: “This is the last number ever to be issued from our Fairview huts; and the natural sadness of relinquishing such a trust as this delightful rag is partially solaced by the pleasing thoughts of the trouble and inconvenience our successors will find in dealing with printers eight miles away. This pleasure is not untinged by pain for the above-mentioned unworthy successors will have it over their much-abused predecessors by having the privilege of pushing their pensive pens in the palatial and immaculate splendor of a new office—size 24 x 20."

This office was believed to be the hub of a German measles outbreak in 1936.

"Because of the nature of conditions in the Ubyssey office, members of the staff who have not had mumps, and are not immune, are permitted to discontinue writing until all danger of an epidemic is over. They should report to the editor if they wish to take advantage of this rule," read the Feb. 11, 1936 issue.

Brock Hall (1940-1968)[/ub_subhead

In 1940, The Ubyssey moved to the basement of the newly-built Brock Hall. A 1946 issue describes it well.

"The Ubyssey office puts the Gateway cubicle in Athabaska to shame. It is planned like a newspaper proof room, with its batteries of typewriters and a glassed-in, sound proof partition for the editor.”

SUB 241K (1968-2001)[/ub_subhead

After completion of the SUB, we moved up to the northeast corner of the second floor, room 241K. At one point, someone's lunchbox was considered a possible bomb threat in this office. CBC also used it as a TV set.

SUB 24 (2001-2015)[/ub_subhead

Following renovations to the SUB basement, we moved to our recently vacated home, which at the time, was next to the arcade. This streetview map shows most of the filth (or character) that's part of the office.

Nest 2208 (2015-?)[/ub_subhead

As of this week, we’re back above ground again. Our new office is bigger, features a boardroom, three smaller offices within it and cubicles built much higher than they were supposed to be (the AMS says they're working on replacing them. We're also waiting on our dishwasher). Come by and check out our new space!