What your umbrella choice says about you

You know what you’ve done, and so does everyone else cruising down Main Mall. File Zubair Hirji

It’s October in Vancouver, and that means rain. For the next few months, the umbrella will become a fixture at UBC. But is there more to the umbrella beyond its practical application to keep you dry? Here's a breakdown of what your umbrella says about who you are deep down inside:

The classic umbrella

Picture Mary Poppins, or an old English businessperson. This umbrella says “I’m mature, sophisticated and appreciate the aesthetic value of old-fashioned things.”

The foldable umbrella

This practical umbrella says you’ve got places to go, people to meet and things to see. While, just like this umbrella, you can be finicky at times, at the end of the day you do your job and that’s all that matters.

The transparent umbrella

As you peer out from your clear, concave umbrella and easily maneuver the crowded streets around campus, you prove to passers-by you’re an open book with nothing to hide.

The patterned umbrella

Bright red polka dots. Rainbow stripes. A Van Gogh painting or abstract piece. A patterned umbrella is a proud declaration of your individuality, as pattern choice allows you to express anything from your philosophical outlook on life to angsty inner turmoil.

The stolen umbrella

The cheeky smile. The tentative grip on the handle. You know what you’ve done, and so does everyone else cruising down Main Mall. Those with stolen umbrellas send a clear message about their mindsets — ­in the rainy West Coast fall, it’s every student for themselves.

No umbrella

Though your lack of umbrella may be partially due to laziness, forgetfulness or failure to check the weather app, no one knows that when they see you. Despite being more damp than the rest of us, when you brave the rain without an umbrella, you send a clear message that you are an individual with great substance, grit and courage.