The most underrated fountains on campus

However, it’s not the only fountain on campus. Zubair Hirji

We all know our beloved fountain in the Martha Piper Fountain, situated in the middle of Main Mall. It’s the location of many grad pictures, many touristy pictures and a beautiful symbol of UBC. Martha Piper Plaza is a perfectly rated fountain that deserves our respect (and not vandalism).

However, it’s not the only fountain on campus. UBC has a few other fountains that go unnoticed and under-appreciated. These fountains aren’t ornate or all that functional, but they deserve appreciation too.

University Centre

This technically counts as a fountain because there’s a pipe the water comes out of it on the side and also the opportunity for it to have a small waterfall. It’s a large pool of water filled with leaves and trash, though sometimes it’s completely dry. In the middle stands a sculpture called Classical Toy Boat (1987) by Glenn Lewis. The fountain feels like it’s had better days, but there’s always an opportunity to have good ones again.

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Outside the old entrance to the library is a small fountain. In it lie puddles and under-utilized jet fixtures. The edge of the fountain is made of stone, bumpy and hard to sit on or lay your coffee on without it rocking back and forth with the wind. People often take pictures of the library near the fountain without featuring it, usually posing on the bench in front of it. This fountain deserves more love and fewer cigarette butts floating in the small puddles. It also deserves to be the focal point of photos.

Every single drinking fountain

“Ew, tap water?” you may think. But water fountains are the best way to stick it to the man and not succumb to buying a public resource. Water fountains are part of the resistance and I will stand by that forever.