How to not look weak in the rain

If you’re not used to the Pacific Northwest rain, you might be looking around at others thinking they know something you don’t about surviving the rain. They might seem confident, prepared and possibly impervious to the rain. Here are some tips for surviving the rain and not looking weak.

Equip yourself with a shell

Having a thin waterproof shell that does not make you sweat is essential. Definitely don’t buy it new unless you have the money because thrift stores carry them all the time for much cheaper. The rain will slide right off your jacket as if it’s afraid of your prowess.

Ditch the umbrella unless you absolutely need it

Umbrellas are great for heavy rain, but add wind into the mix and you are left with broken stick with metal and a shred of fabric. Since the rain here is generally pretty light but constant, I’d suggest just having a hood. A retractable umbrella is good for the heavier days, but just know that once you open it, the sky will laugh at you and bring down the heavy winds just to mock you.

Waterproof your bag

I once had a notebook destroyed by the rain seeping through my backpack while I walked to a class. Make sure this doesn’t happen by lining the inside of your backpack with used plastic bags, or perhaps utilizing a waterproof backpack if you have the disposable income. When you get to class and take out your notes or your laptop that aren’t dripping and destroyed by the water, everybody will notice and acknowledge you as powerful.


Wearing Vans in the rain is always a bad idea. Find your rubber boots and stride through those puddles like you barely see them. Doc Martens are not a substitute for these unless you really want to look tough while your socks become little cotton lake containers.