Where to study based on what kind of studier you are

UBC students have just passed the halfway mark of first semester. While that sounds like quite a feat, most of us still are cramming for midterms or drowning in term papers. Despite our rising course loads, we all still love to procrastinate. It can be hard to motivate yourself to study, but finding the right spot can do wonders to help you get there. Here are our recommendations for the best study spots at UBC based on what kind of studier you are.

For the silent studiers

Koerner’s Library is likely to be your safe haven. It's a good place to go alone with your headphones and a pile of textbooks when you’re in need of a good study grind.

For the social studiers

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre is probably more your scene. While it is considered a library in which you can talk to your friends, there are bookable private rooms — like the Nass Reading Room and the Ridington Room — which are all silent study areas. IKB common areas are also open 24/7 during exam periods for those who take up residence at a desk table for two days. 

File photo Cherihan Hassun

For the residence dwellers

Take advantage of your commons block. They have a lot of study space and are both silent and social. Bonus: you probably won’t have to fight for a table like you do in the library when midterm season rolls around. 

File photo Geoff Lister

For the undergrads

Check out your department’s lounge. Most are study areas for their students, plus there will always be someone around to ask for help.

For the library lovers

Other libraries to consider that may not be so jam-packed are the Education Library, David Lam Management Research Library and Woodward Library. Most of these libraries have resources such as the Writing Centre and the Peer Academic Coaching program with computers, printers and scanners readily available if you don’t have them at home. 

For the caffeine dependent

Wesbrook and University Village are filled with great study spots for you coffee addicts. Blenz Coffee in Wesbrook Village is complete with comfy leather chairs to relax and read, while Starbucks in University Village has long tables to spread out at and focus. There are some solid spots on campus too.

For those who want to get off campus

When you’re really sick of the UBC bubble – and trust me, at some point you will be – hop on the 99 and venture out to Point Grey and Kitsilano. They’re filled with great cafes to study at and are not too far off campus. Pane From Heaven, 49th Parallel and Elysian Coffee are three great spots to try and all serve delicious treats.

If you’re still struggling to find your perfect study spot, check out UBC’s Study Spot pages here and here. If all else fails, try to remember that you’re in the home stretch and it'll all be over soon.