I will defend free speech until my death as long as it’s about men’s rights or video games

As a white male on UBC’s liberal echo-chamber campus, I feel it is my duty as an oppressed minority to actively fight for the right to free speech. It’s important for everyone’s voices to be heard — that’s why I will defend literally every person’s right to freedom of speech as long as their speech relates to the men’s rights movement or video games. 

The true basis of a healthy democracy is free, open dialogue about anything and everything related to men’s rights and video games. That’s why I spend my time fighting to elevate the speech of those whose voices have been traditionally silenced, as long as they’re talking about men’s rights and/or video games.

For too long, society has dictated what is and isn’t okay to talk about. I think it’s time that we move forward as a human race and give each and every person the right to express their views without fear for personal safety, as long as those views pertain to men’s rights or video games.