The matriarchy means I earn half as much teaching as I do on Patreon

This year, despite the attacks and slander form the matriarchy, I have been able to double my income through Patreon. The free market has been able to provide a much greater compensation for my hard work than any globalist government system. 

Educators who speak truth are greatly undervalued in the matriarchy. Using Patreon I earn $323,328 per year. This provides me sufficient funds for the steady stream of Ayn Rand body pillows which I need for personal reasons. 

Meanwhile, the matriarchy values the education I provide at $161,636. If I were asked to subsist solely on this paltry amount I would barely have enough for one Ayn Rand body pillow, much less the ongoing construction of my underwater libertarian dream civilization.

With this compensation structure the free market shows that it truly appreciates truth more than the oppressive matriarchy under which all white men are burdened by “facts” and “identities other than my own.”

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