This year's fall fashion is about bomber jackets and distressed denim

Though the crisp air is blowing and the colours of leaves change, we are pretty much in denial that summer is already over. This makes us all want to keep the summer spirit alive more so than ever by putting on the same outfits we have been wearing over the past few months. But with the change of weather this usually slowly dwindles to regularly sporting sweatpants and hoodies; and that’s alright, after all, comfort and style do go hand-in-hand. However, if you are looking to revitalize your seasonal attire many of the trends for this year’s fall fashion are being resurrected from the ‘70s and ’90s. From jackets to hats, here are some of this year’s essential fall trends.

A loving nod to shorts, but still an update is needed for the cooler weather to come. Distressed denims are one of those styles that will forever be a trend. Adding an edgier aesthetic to your casual aesthetic; ripped jeans are versatile and easy to style while adding a bit of originality to your look. For everyday wear, simply pair this with a t-shirt and leather boots, or most other footwear should do the trick. Expect to spend upwards of $64 at American Eagle.

The iconic jacket, designed in the ‘90s by Helmut Lang and Raf Simons, has been worn by countless celebrities such as Rihanna and Ryan Gosling in Drive. The bomber jacket has now become one of the fashion essentials rather than just a utility. Still perfect for all-year round; it is simple yet robust and extremely comfortable. For bomber jackets at H&M, prices start at $39, going as high as $79, while one at American Eagle starts at $64.96 and goes as high as $90.98.

For chilly mornings and evenings, another ‘90s inspired article is the beanie. These hats are perfect for when you’re out and about. They might look slouchy, but that does not mean lazy; instead they’re more easygoing and practical. The cozy knit beanies are guaranteed to keep your head nice and cozy. And if you love vintage style, the ‘70s bohemian floppy-brimmed hat will help you recreate that flair in a modern way. Beanies cost upwards of $25 at the Hudson's Bay Company or $12.99 at H&M. Floppy-Brimmed hats start at $60 from HBC and $34.99 from H&M.

The traditional autumn colours will probably never change; black, burgundy, and dark greens. However, what really stood out this year was the rich, classic orange hue. From soft camel to muted tan, it pairs well with other fall colours and flatters many different skin tones.

To check out more trends for this year, check out Think with Google. From beauty to fashion trends, Google determines the latest fads by tracking the volume of searches and compares them from previous years; thenceforth predicting which trends are increasing or decreasing in popularity. Remember: these trends change every year, so don’t forget to create your own styles that are unique and individual to you.