The typical Thunderbird doesn’t fly to Hastings-Sunrise very often. In the northeast corner of Vancouver, it’s as far from campus as you can get (without stepping on SFU turf). Luckily “as far as you can get” in Vancouver is about an-hour bus ride, and while Hastings-Sunrise is primarily residential, this relaxed corner of town is well worth the visit.

With accuracy and great beauty, Call Me By Your Name (CMBYN) captures the experience of a languid, over-long summer. It’s the 1980s, somewhere in idyllic Northern Italy. Oliver (Armie Hammer) is an American academic and guest in Elio Perlman's home.

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube you’ve seen them. Taco Bell copycat crunchwrap supremes and jalapeno corn poppers. Tinker Bell cupcakes and unicorn dip. Caramel apple cheese balls and Oreogasm skillet brownies.

Since Canada Day on July 1, over 7,000 migrants have claimed asylum in Quebec alone — many of them Haitians who fear their status of “temporary protection” in the US will soon come to an end.

UBC is a cage, and not just for the Thunderbirds. After a couple months the campus feels like how Buchanan Tower looks; plain, imposing, and vaguely Stalinist.

This is what a good part of my First Year looked like: staring at a computer screen most nights, sitting alone in my room talking to someone who isn’t even there, lots of crying, lots of fighting. It’s not a pretty picture and, unfortunately, I was the only one to blame for that.

Who would have thought that a play where the main character is burried up to her waist in dirt and half-mad with boredom would be anything less than exhausting to watch?

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