With students making space for themselves and their communities, the arts on campus being better than ever, institutions taking it upon themselves to take bigger leaps towards reconciliation and more — here are some of our top stories of the year in culture.

I am very similar to Garfield in many ways. First: I too hate Mondays. Second, I am voiced by Bill Murray. Third and most importantly, I love love lasagne.

Many YouTubers today have managed to make a living out of making videos, transforming a fun hobby into successful careers. Fourth-year psychology major Lina Lecompte explained that her aspirations to go into marketing would pair well with her YouTube channel.

Entrap. was the kind of student art exhibition that made me feel like I should have been wearing a black turtleneck. Its important to support UBC students — even if sometimes their work feels like a GRSJ paper come to life.

The myriad of objects stored away in these display cases rarely sees much traffic from students, but for those who are willing to venture into depths of IKB, there is a world of treasures waiting.

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