I begin my skeptical journey by dipping my toe into the world of specialty drinks. Ode to the latte, a drink of unmatched simplicity and jiggly foam — how I will miss thee.

Holy shit, it's August. That means that there is a little over a month left to cram in a book so to counteract all of the beer and trash on Netflix you consumed this summer. Don't worry - the editors at the Ubyssey have complied a list of last-minute summer reads that will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, seem cultured.

This scone maybe good for the soul, but not for heart health. Struggling to push aside a few nagging facts from my summer nutrition course, I dive into yet another scone, only justified by the fact that I’m writing a review about it.

The original Pit in the SUB basement was by all accounts a hive of scum and villainy. Old Ubyssey pictures make it look like one of the dive-iest of dive bars. While a lot of my friends like the new, sleeker Pit, I can’t shake this weird nostalgia I have for a bar I’ve never been to.

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