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Jill was a hopeless romantic.

She had spent many a day curled up on her sofa watching Sleepless in Seattle with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s keeping her company. Her real life however, was far from a romantic comedy. One day, she was walking on the sidewalk, lost in thought about how Bridget was lucky enough to get Hugh Grant and Colin Firth's attention, when she walked into a stop sign. She saw stars for a few seconds before everything faded to black. When Jill opened her eyes, a man was sitting next to her and asking her if she was okay. "I’m Jack," he said. There was something about Jack's dreamy blue eyes that made Jill instantly fall head over heels in love with him.

Jack and Jill spent every waking moment of the next few days in each other's company. They often went to their favourite spot together which was at the top of a hill. Once, when they were on the hill, Jack fell tumbling down and hurt his crown. Jill stayed up all night caring for Jack. Jill had even grown close to Jack's goofy friend Tom who had the same luck in the romance department as Jill — before she met Jack, that is. After a few weeks of blissful romance, Jack and Jill learned something that threatened their happy ever after. Jack and Jill were from rival business families who vehemently opposed their alliance. Heartbroken, Jack and Jill were forced to part ways.

A few days later, Jill was back on the hill, nostalgically reminiscing over bittersweet memories spent with Jack when suddenly, Hugh Grant appeared in front of her! Jill could not believe her eyes. She poured her heart out to Hugh, who said, "They say when you love someone, let them go. I do not believe any of that rubbish, I mean you have seen my movies right? I always get the girl!" Jill thought she should remind Hugh about Bridget Jones's Diary but she thought against it. Hugh had opened Jill's eyes, eyes that had just spotted Jack making his way up the hill. She ran towards Jack and the two of them rekindled their romance. They cut off all ties with their respective families and eloped. It was the second happiest day in Jill's life (the first was when she met Hugh Grant, of course).