Twice the fun, puns and nerdiness in UBC A Cappella's Song Wars: The Force Aca-Wakens

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … Or on December 6 at the Norm Theatre, UBC A Cappella will perform their first concert of the year – Song Wars: The Force Aca-Wakens. There will be twice the fun, twice the singing, twice the nerdiness and puns with double the concerts.

"We have an emcee that weaves the songs together with a silly script related to the name of the concert," said Katie Sanford, president of the club. "It will be a nerdy a cappella version of Star Wars that's playing throughout the performance."

UBC A Cappella is singing without accompaniment: every sound is produced by the most versatile instrument — the voice. Percussive vocals, or beatboxing, provides a beat to the music that is typically produced by musical instruments. 

“Having an instrument can be very supportive, especially when it's playing something close to the melody," said Sanford. "Definitely harmonies can be not straightforward, but it's really fun once you learn them. There's a really nice blend once you learn all the different parts."

Undoubtedly difficult, UBC A Cappella creates a strong and cohesive sense of community.

Like the diversity of its members, the concert will be full of new and unique pieces that will bring a smile to the audience. Some of the pieces include holiday favourites, drinking songs and pop culture favourites.

With over 160 members in their club this year and four different choir groups working on different numbers, Sanford is planning to be surprised at the concert as well. 

“I get really excited about our concerts because I haven't heard every group," she said. "When I get to the day of [the concert], I get to hear performances and see what other groups are working on.”

Even though all the choirs are working separately, all 160 members of UBC A Cappella will get together and sing for a final holiday cheer before heading into finals season.