The AMS Art Gallery will change its name upon the move to the new SUB

With a majority vote from the AMS Council, the AMS Art Gallery is getting a new name with its move into the new SUB in the coming months.

When the Nest opens in April, the AMS Art Gallery will be renamed the Hatch, fitting with the bird theme the AMS has established.

“It was sort of an afterthought, but we realized afterwards it works quite well,” said Josh Bokor, SAC art gallery commissioner.

“Hatch is like a term … like hatching an egg, bringing life to. We want to start helping out more with artistic endeavours on campus. Also think of us like a doorway, Hatch into a new area, a new artistic sphere.”

The original idea for the name was "the Arts Incubator."

"[It's] sort of a new up and coming term in various places. Sort of fostering artistic expression and growth ... but we thought that incubator was going to be a bit too sterile, so we actually came up with 'well what about hatch?' It has the same connotations, and it also, surprisingly, goes very well with the new building -- the Nest," said Bokor.

The AMS Art Gallery is currently located on the main floor of the SUB and focuses on student artworks and UBC-centric exhibits, the upcoming changes to the art gallery, including the name, will serve only to enhance this focus.

The reason for the change is to solidify the the gallery’s identity, attract a larger audience and foster a stronger art gallery on campus.

“The art gallery, in one sense has never had an official name, and in another sense had way too many names … it gets a little confusing for people, especially when we’re working with external bodies … so we want to have an identity of our own that people can actually latch onto and know us as something,” said Bokor.

The name change won’t be the only difference from the old SUB’s art gallery: the Hatch will be an improved space with moveable walls, better AV fixtures and a sliding glass front door. According to Bokor, the art gallery also wants to look into different programming and exhibit versatility.

The first exhibit in the new building will be on the different Student Union buildings throughout the university’s life -- including the Nest.