This year’s Block Party lineup might have more typos than artists you know

The AMS has announced the lineup for their 11th Annual Block Party and from the looks of things a bunch of typos are performing.

This year’s will feature the much-lauded(?) talents of Kyle, Goldlink, Troyboi, K?D, Tails, Illyminiachi, The Strange, MGH and LBS Winner (last band standing). If you recognize any of these random assortments of words who are also DJs and rappers, then you may or may not be excited!

Kyle might be someone’s friend or distant relative. Goldlink should probably have a hyphen. The likelihood of Troyboi being both named Troy and a boy seems pretty solid. K?D ?s maybe a young ch?ld who hasn’t yet learned how to wr?te his name. Illyminiachi... I’ve got nothing for this one. MGH really wishes they were MGMT but isn’t. LBS Winner honestly just sounds like something you’d find in a coupon book. So get ready to crush some beers and get down to the dank beats of... a person who will play some music!

For more information about Block Party, as well as some sumptuous visuals of a student walking through the snow in a warm jacket — which is either a narrative about leaving your studies to go on a magical rave-journey or a recut Hudson’s Bay Company photoshoot — watch the video below.

Tickets are available here. Everything but final tier tickets, which cost $40, are sold out. The Block Party will be taking place on Friday, April 6 from 2:30 to 9:30 p.m.