Bottom of the Queue: Outpost: Black Sun

If you who like the Nazi zombies game mode in the Call of Duty video game series then Outpost: Black Sunn is for you.

The film follows Lena, an investigator of some sort, on the hunt for a Nazi war criminal, whose inquiry leads her behind the enemy lines of a battle between NATO forces and an army of invincible Nazi zombie storm troopers. With the help of a fellow Nazi hunter and a squad of NATO soldiers, she must fight her way to the source of the undead army and put a stop to them. Seems to have potential, right? Assuming that you’re the cheesy-action-horror type, that is.

The film is pleasantly surprising in concern to the good-looking cinematography and the initial hook in the first scene. The plot gets a little convoluted at points, but it regains its balance in the third act, and there’s an interesting (albeit somewhat derivative) little twist at the film’s climax. Character-wise, all of the usual stereotypes are accounted for. The wisecracking soldier who questions his superior’s every order? Check. The Indiana Jones-rugged-type with all of the plot-forwarding answers? Yep. And of course, there’s the unfortunate group of expendable soldiers that you know aren’t going to make it through to the end.

Despite these stereotypes, there is a very off-putting Nazi witch character that definitely breaks the mold, while at the same time chilling you to the bone with her weird cackling. As with any horror-action, there are a lot of jump-scares throughout, so if these aren’t your thing, consider yourself warned. As far as gore goes, for a zombie movie, it was decidedly underwhelming.

The bottom line: A more accurate title for this film is Call of Duty Zombies: The Movie. Not groundbreaking in any regard, if you miss this one you aren’t missing much.